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What is Breast Thermography?
It is a safe testing alternative to mammograms that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Assoc.) AMA (American Medical Assoc.) and AHA (American Heart Assoc.). 

Breast thermograms (thermal imaging) provides valuable medical information about your current health. A (DITI) digital infrared thermal imaging camera scans the heat patterns from the surface of your skin and converts them into thermal images.

By comparing and measuring the thermal temperature patterns, thermal body scans can identify signs of potential disease, especially pain and inflammation. This test can provide multiple clues to the health conditions within your body. It can detect early on, the precursors to many types of cancers, years before the cancer reaches a stage that becomes more serious to treat.

Thermal breast imaging exams can identify abnormalities years sooner than traditional mammograms. Plus, breast thermography is SAFE! No radiation, No contact, No compression and No pain!

About Me
My name is Lesli Remington. I am a Certified Clinical Thermographer and I partner with qualified Board Certified Clinical Thermographers and Medical Doctors who have over 25 years of experience in the Clinical Thermography field. I provide affordable breast imaging services as well as full body scans, and women and men's health screenings. Prices are available upon request.

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